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Association By Design (AbD) SRL is a Brussels-based consulting firm focused on helping communities achieve their objectives and create a positive impact.
Specializing in organizational strategy and management, the firm offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to support international associations, including: 


  • Strategic workshop and business coaching (incl. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) workshops )

  • Interim / part-time management services to international association

  • Operational Optimisation and Project Management

  • Community Building and Strategic Alliances Development

The firm is led by Stylianos Filopoulos, its founder and managing director.


Stelios, in his 20-year career has spearhead international associations either as CEO /Sec.Gen or as Board Director; including the Greek Union of Food Technologists, Greek Wine Federation, Wine in Moderation, European Society of Association Executives, European Aquaculture Advisory Council,  CEIR - Taps and Valves Europe.

He has worked with numerous companies and universities, coordinated  EU funded project and worked with organisation such as the European Cancer Organisation, Eurochild, Prospero & Partners, Reed Expo / IBTM World, Thessaloniki CVB, This is Athens CVB, MeetDenmark.

He is a Certified Facilitator in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and he particularly enjoys working with diverse group of people to develop a shared understanding, mobilise action and drive positive change.

Stylianos Filopoulos
Drop us a line: stelios{at} 

Association by Design SRL 

Avenue Louise 54

1050, Ixelles

Brussels, Belgium

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